Experience Design for a Canadian Service Company

A deep dive into how customers experience part of the journey with a large Canadian service company.

In 2016, a large Canadian service company asked us to look at one part of their overarching customer journey that they had identified as a particular opportunity for differentiation from their competitors. They wanted to understand customers’ current experiences, as well as how they might design a better experience.

Our first goal was to understand the customer journey. To support this goal, I designed and co-facilitated five generative research sessions with 40+ consumers from five different products. The outputs from this activity was rich: we generated an ideal journey map, a clear sense of stages and pain points in the existing journey, and a draft set of design principles which we evolved over the course of the project.

One key takeaway from this synthesis process is that the client was currently thinking of this experience as being relatively constrained; instead, we learned that it spanned much more widely over time in the minds of consumers. This represented a significant shift in mindset within the organization.

Next, we needed to validate our learning while also moving towards prototypes. Here, I helped design and facilitate a co-creation session with management stakeholders, consumers, and frontline staff. Outcomes included detailed cross-channel service prototypes, as well as slight adjustments to our research outputs from the prior phase.

After co-creation, we had testable prototypes. I designed and facilitated eight three-person validations, a hybrid model that allowed us to engage in both deep 1-on-1 conversation and provoke more generative group discussions. Throughout these sessions, we were able to iteratively test and adjust the prototypes, and end result is that we identified a handful of key CX ingredients that were crucial for a differentiated and engaging experience for consumers.

Throughout this project, a key pillar of our success is deep engagement with a cross-functional team from across the client organization. At each stage, I supported my colleagues in designing engaging immersions in our emerging insights and feedback; these sessions enabled us to build greater alignment while also drawing out latent knowledge from other parts of the company.

Lessons Learned